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The principles and values by which Murrang Earth Sciences works are outlined in our Statement of Social, Economic and Environmental Performance

Why a Statement?


Murrang Earth Sciences was established in April 2013 by Dr Julia Jasonsmith. Julia started the company to meet the demand for high-quality science which she felt could be improved by building a different type of consultancy. She wanted a mechanism to bring about positive environmental change and make the expensive and hard-won knowledge generated in universities and research institutions accessible to the public.


During the first five years of business, Murrang Earth Science achieved its goals to influence positive environmental outcomes at all scales, to undertake research and publish, to have external peer review systems, and where the focus of success is the project team.


As we grow, we want to demonstrate our values and commitment to people and the environment—this Statement reflects who we are as people, those with whom we work and how we want to manage our business.

Click through the slides below to see the full statement.



  1. Aim and Principles

  2. Transparency

  3. Governance

  4. Social Performance

  5. Social Performance - Our Collaborators

  6. Social Performance - First Nations and People

  7. Economic Performance

  8. Technical Performance and Review

  9. Environmental Performance

  10. See Our Plan in Action

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