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Murrang in the News

Read about some of our environmental projects in the news


Interview in ABC Organic Gardener Magazine

ABC News

Following our three-part blog on contaminants in soil, organics and composts, Jess and Jules were interviewed by ABC Organic Gardener magazine. You can find the back issue of the magazine here, and further information in blog posts on healthy soil for gardeners, plant death, and contaminants in gardening.


Fingerboards Mineral Sands Mine: Rejected

ABC News

Mine rejected on community, agriculture and environmental grounds. See details on Environment Justice Australia about the #MineFreeGlenaladale case. Jules and Jess were independant technical experts in this case. You can find the outcome details and our statements here.


Saltgrass podcast: healthy soils

Saltgrass Podcast

Jess was invited to talk all things healthy soils on Saltgrass Podcast.  Topics include soils, plants, climate adaptation, impact of colonisation on soils and First Nations wisdom in caring for them.


Safely growing foods in home gardens

City of Greater Bendigo

Murrang Earth Sciences reviewed a new article by the City of Greater Bendigo. The article is a quick guide on how to safely grow food in home gardens.


Webinar: new Victorian environmental laws

The University of Melbourne - Water Security Series

Jess from Murrang Earth Sciences was invited as a panellist to discuss what the new Victorian environmental and human health laws mean for industry and business.

Mushroom compost.jpg

Alternatives for mushroom compost

Australian Mushrooms Journal

Finding alternative sources to wheaten straw as a substrate for mushroom compost - a summary of our final report, written with Frontier Ag & Environment. See page 30 of the journal.

Photo 16-4-20, 2 19 04 pm.jpg

Bush tucker gardens at Goorooyaroo

City News

Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural Services and Yurbay have brought Aboriginal edible gardens back into Canberra's landscapes...

Mushrooms with mycelium.jpg

Mushroom production and climate change

Australian Mushrooms Journal

Frontier Ag & Environment and Murrang Earth Sciences have been researching alternative sources of carbon for mushroom compost.


Fruit Fly Action in Harcourt Valley

Midland Express

Murrang Earth Sciences was in the Midland Express on the 20th November for our work on the Harcourt Valley Fruit Fly Action Plan.


$80,000 Grant to Adapt to Climate Change

Beagle Weekly

Murrang Earth Sciences in the news for their work to understand he impact of climate change on coastal soils and groundwater.


Investigating environmental damage

NSW Planning & Environment

Together with local erosion experts Soil and Water, Murrang Earth Sciences put forward a case for the NSW government to assess environmental damage caused by the development of a gas pipeline.


Real live soil moisture


Harden-Murrumburrah Landcare Group, CSIRO, and Murrang Earth Sciences installed a number of soil moisture probes which tell farmers their soil moisture in real time.


Getting a fix on nitrogen in soils


Harden-Murrumburrah Landcare Group, CSIRO, and Murrang Earth Sciences worked to understand how much of the nitrogen in fertilisers ends up in crops.

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