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Jielian Beh

Environmental Scientist

Jielian (say it like 'Jillian') is an environmental scientist with over 13 years' experience in environmental science and consulting. She has worked across a range of sectors from academic research, education, government departments, and private companies. Jielian's work experience has been diverse and varied. She has worked on subjects including:


  • chemical analyses of soil and water,

  • environmental site assessment (contaminated lands),

  • groundwater monitoring, 

  • soil characterisation,

  • developing soil spatial models within GIS, 

  • climate change adaptation,

  • data analysis and visualisation,

  • and forestry.

Jielian also has a keen interest in communicating science through visual design and clear, concise prose.

Selected publications:

Beh, J, Kanowski, P.J., Greene, R.S.B. & Brack, C.L. (2016) Predicting soil depth using simple ground-based measurements of stem shape and taper in the butt swell section of individual Pinus radiata trees, Australian Forestry, 79 (2), pp. 114–121.

Webb, R., Rissik, D., Petheram, L., Beh, J., & Stafford Smith, M. (2018) Co-designing adaptation decision support: meeting common and differentiated needs, Climatic Change.

Webb, R. & Beh, J. (2013) Leading adaptation practices and support strategies for Australia: An international and Australian review of products and tools, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 105 pp.

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