Julia and Jess are not only committed to transparency, social, economic and environmental performance, they genuinely love their jobs and workplace.

Julia, why do you love working at Murrang Earth Sciences?

"There are many reasons I love working here. 

We have a high level of control on the quality of our work - the company structure means that reports aren't hurried out the door without peer review and quality control. We also have a strong belief in ethics and standing by what we write. Author's have the final say on what is submitted in their reports, which prevents science which we believe is incorrect being submitted by those who do not necessarily have a vested interest in the writing.


We also don't accept work outside our areas of expertise but refer clients to other experts we trust to deliver a good service. This means there's no guessing on our part, just systematic science using prior knowledge or research within our field to deliver solutions and advice. It also means we avoid the stress of trying to figure out what to do without really knowing what's involved.

If we need to work overtime, it is for the benefit of  clients, the environment, and co-workers, not shareholders interested in short term gains. This means we aren't compelled to have a capitalistic growth model and can focus on seeing the world become a better place.

I also love the combination of field work, reporting and communication within the job, even with increasing seniority. I am never too far from on-ground problems like working at 35 degrees a long way from water or the complexity of understanding a soil profile. I am always reminded of the challenges of reporting and trying to understand what the data collected from the field really means. Meeting with clients and colleagues is a constant reminder of the difference between theoretical knowledge and what's happening on the ground.

I feel really lucky to work with people who have a high level of scientific rigour, integrity, and look out for each other - even fellow consultants who could be considered competitors go out of their way to help me! Different than some organisations where co-workers compete with each other, jostling for positions and power, my colleagues support each other to be the best we can be and help each other through the challenges. I have a deep level of trust in my colleagues and I am inspired by them. Anti-social behavior such as bullying and harrassment which can be common in some parts of the Australian work force is not tolerated by any of us."

Jess, why do you love working at Murrang Earth Sciences?

"Although I have only been at Murrang Earth Sciences a short time, it has been my best work life decision. I was recently asked what my biggest achievement in my career has been to date. I said it was developing and publishing our Statement of Performance. I am proud to have the freedom and ability to build a culture and governance model that is flexible, open, thoughtful and transparent.


I feel like I have genuine purpose in my work, by helping to solve some really interesting problems and enabling others to protecting and enhance their environment. The best part of this is seeing outputs of our work being actively used on-ground. All the projects I have worked on I really enjoyed, had the technical skills to do, and I still got to learn new things. The workplace is flexible and allows autonomy. I can work part time and from a range of locations, and also be self-directed, taking responsibility for my own work. I get to do a range of tasks from technical science, policy interpretation and sampling through to business policy development.

I love working with people. Through this job, I get to work with a range of people with different skills and ideas. I meet so many people where I have lots to learn from. I love collaboration and sharing knowledge and working with people as passionate as I am about the environment, as well as sustainable and regenerative agriculture."