Murrang Earth Sciences draw on a range of expertise to help our clients make sense of complex environmental problems

We understand that the complexities of the environment can present a great challenge. We draw on a range of expertise to help our clients understand the problem space and provide timely, robust scientific advice and recommendations.


Our technical advisory services include:

  • Regulatory review and assessment

  • Project design

  • Project management

  • Tailored reports

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Experimental design

  • Sampling design, collection and analysis

  • Data processing and statistical analysis

  • Interpretation of technical/scientific data

  • Literature review

  • Recommendations and options presented in clear language




Murrang Earth Sciences provide assessment of agricultural soils including physical and chemical analysis, nutrient analysis and impact of pesticides and herbicides. We work with landholders to understand how different parts of their agro-ecosystem add or detract from sustainable and profitable agriculture, and provide options for enhancing agricultural benefit.

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Organic Amendments

We specialise in organic soil amendments including organic wastes in compost, organics as part of land rehabilitation and enhancing agricultural productivity, composting and mine site rehabilitation. We have a strong understanding of best practise composting and land application of organic waste, as well as the overarching legislative requirements in NSW, ACT and Victoria.



Murrang Earth Sciences offer a range of soil analysis  products to suit your requirements. We undertake soil physical and chemical analysis and interpretation as part of contamination assessment for urban development, agricultural activities, assessment of organic soil additives and compost, as well as residential soil testing.

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Waste Management

Murrang Earth Sciences offer technical advice and services related to the appropriate disposal and  management of waste soils, drilling mud and waste classification. We have working knowledge of ACT, NSW and Victorian regulations and guidelines relating to these materials and liaise with regulatory bodies on behalf of our clients. 



We have expertise in surface water and groundwater physical and chemical dynamics. With knowledge of current water quality guidelines and emerging contaminants of concern, we undertake assessments of surface-groundwater interactions, water quality and soil-water interactions


Data Analysis

Murrang Earth Sciences offer statistical data analysis, with special interest in the analysis of soil, water and other environmental chemical data. We have undertaken years of training in statistics and regularly update our knowledge of current best practice methods. We use R for our statistical analysis and graphics, and for transparency, provide all script as part of any analysis.