Making the most of workshop waste

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Waste is a big issue for our primary producers. Murrang and Science into Action, along with sector experts, are investigating practical ways to help agriculture, fishery, and forestry communities safely manage workshop wastes.


This research is funded by Agrifutures Australia

Photo: Jielian Beh

The big issue

Waste and what we do with it is a problem for everyone, including primary producers. We understand that primary producers want to minimise their waste, maximise resource reuse, and have a clean and safe workplace. Currently, there are few methods available to agriculture, fisheries and forestry to tidy up waste, and we are keen to find practical, cost and time efficient approaches tailored for primary producers.

This project is one of five projects investigating producer-led practical options for the agriculture, fishery, and forestry sector to make the most of waste, and to help keep workplaces clean and safe. AgriFutures Australia is running this program of work to support innovative ideas and options for the avoidance, recycling, and reuse of pre-farm gate waste, and ensure there is clear direction and coordination of activities for the sector to achieve the required change. This project focuses on finding solutions to safely manage workshop waste.

While we have our own expertise, to develop useful and practical ways of managing workshop waste, we need to understand what concerns you and what you need. This will help make potential solutions practical, feasible and aligned with what you need, so have your say below!


Workshop wastes are generated through light industrial activities on farms, in forests, and land-based fishery operations. We consider these wastes to include metal, chemicals, oil, batteries, and used timber, but not plastics or organics that are no longer useful to you. They may however, be useful to someone else.

Have your say

What do you do with Workshop Waste? We are seeking your input to understand what would make it easier for you to manage workshop wastes. The information you provide will help inform our recommendations for how we can address this issue. 

The survey is now closed, and the outcomes of the project are to be published by AgriFutures in late 2022.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.