Undertaking research, exploring new technology, developing ideas and products in collaboration with you are central to Murrang Earth Science’s core values

The team at Murrang are highly skilled and knowledgeable within our own subject areas. However, we also understand that holistic research outcomes can require working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team. We  successfully work across a broad range of service areas because we leverage our extensive network to find the right people with the right skills for each project. We have significant experience in research, development and collaboration in environmental, regulation adn waste areas. 

Agricultural research

Murrang Earth Sciences works with landholders and organisations to answer your research questions. We have worked on research questions from organic waste and compost on broad acre farms, nitrogen and soil water in cropping, to biosecurity action planning and research. We can also help you look and apply for funding to get your project going.

Research for policy development

Murrang Earth Sciences has capability in providing evidence for policy decisions. We have delivered research projects to federal and state government departments that focus on reviewing current legislative frameworks and providing scientific research for policy development. Check out our Projects page for more details.

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