Laura-lee Innes

Environmental Engineer

Laura-lee has over 25 years’ experience in environmental and chemical engineering, with a focus on waste and chemicals. Laura-lee has significant environmental leadership experience, and strong technical and regulatory focus in her work. Laura-lee contributed to over 10 years of waste regulatory science work at EPA Victoria, where she held positions such as the Senior Applied Scientist in Waste and Chemicals, and was the Principal Expert for Waste. Her early years at EPA focussed on Waste Policy and Regulation in Waste Policy Officer roles as well as Managing the EPA Victoria Policy and Regulation Unit. During her time at EPA Victoria, she initially led the project to establish the hazard categorisation framework for waste and has since focused on analysing wastes to inform regulatory action throughout. This has included leading projects on organic and inorganic wastes, hazard analysis and evidence-based guidance for regulatory implementation, delivery and change. Laura-lee also was a nominated member for Standards Australia reviews of WS-039 (sludges), AS4419 (soils) and AS4454 (composts).


One of the early research projects that Laura-lee led was the Application of Waste to Land, focussed on the impacts to soils and the environment more broadly from waste and waste derived products (eg. composts and others). Just prior to leaving EPA Victoria, Laura-lee was the technical lead for the PFAS NEMP, a national guideline for the environmental regulation of PFAS, which was a collaboration between State, Territory and Commonwealth governments and importantly included industry and community stakeholder engagement. Most recently she worked on hazard analysis of e-waste and organic wastes, including consideration of hazards in waste characterisation, waste management, reuse and decision making. She has led and contributed to projects that aim to provide evidence for protection of the environment and communities from the impacts of waste whilst also finding pathways for reuse under a waste hierarchy. 


Laura-lee has a strong evidence-based research focus for waste issues, including organic wastes, products and composts, and has a knowledge of the barriers and opportunities to provide exceptional evidence for decision making for organic waste in a practical reuse and regulatory context.