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Soil Scientist and Co-director

Dr Jess Drake joined Murrang Earth Sciences in July 2018. Jess came to Murrang Earth Sciences for flexibility, to collaborate with people with similar values, and to work supporting others protecting and enhancing the environment. Jess is committed to building a workplace she enjoys being in and being the type of person she likes to work with.


Jess loves soil and waste—almost equally—with her 13+ year career focused on organic amendment applications to soil. She has worked in research, NGOs, education, government and private sectors. Jess has expertise in organic waste processing and use on land, agriculture, land management, systems thinking, environmental policy, chemicals in the environment and land rehabilitation/restoration. Jess recently worked for EPA Victoria, where she contributed to the PFAS NEMP, the new Victorian SEPP Waters, and waste to land research.


Jess also has a passion for education, communication, open and accessible science. Great science and problem solving is done through collaboration, listening and reflecting.

Selected publications:

Drake, J. A. Patti, A.F, Whan, K, Jackson, W.R, Cavagnaro, T.R. (2018) Can we maintain productivity on broad acre dairy farms during early transition from mineral to compost fertilisation? Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 257, 12-19

Mikkonen, H. G, Dasika, R, Drake, J.A, Wallis, C. J, Clarke, B. O, Reichman, S. M. (2018) Evaluation of environmental and anthropogenic influences on ambient background metal and metalloid concentrations in soil. STOTEN, 624, 599-610


Drake, J. A, Carrucan, A, Jackson, W.R, Cavagnaro, T. R, Patti, A. F. (2015) Biochar application during reforestation alters species present and soil chemistry. STOTEN, 514, 359-365


Jessica A Drake, Timothy R Cavagnaro, Shaun C Cunningham, W. Roy Jackson, Antonio F. Patti (2015) Does biochar improve establishment of tree seedlings in saline sodic soils? Land Degradation and Development, 27:1, 52-59


Jessica Drake, Bennett Macdonald & Lorna Fitzsimons (2014) Precision of the Anion Exchange Membrane Phosphorus Technique When Using a Range of Low-Ionic Solutions in Analysis of Heterogeneous Mine Soils, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 45:6, 829-843